Velcro Back Closure Gowns
Does someone in your family struggle getting dressed due to a disability or handicap? Are you searching for clothing that will allow you to dress yo
ur loved one easily and without pain? If so, then you will appreciate our line o残疾人服装f velcro back closure gowns and clothing for Alzheimer patients, the handicapped and disabled.
From My Heart Fashions was created because I saw the struggle my
mother endured to get dressed every morning. She would have to raise her arms above her head while someone would pull her dress down over her. This caused her much discomfort and was very difficult as she was wheelchair-bound. Furthermore, her dresses did not account for incontinence, which caused her additional embarrassment. I decided to create a dress to solve these problems.
Clothing for Alzheimer patients, the Disabled and Handicapped
Our dresses are back closure with button snaps or Velcro to secure the garment. With our dresses you will be able to dress your family member easily. All they have to do is hold out their arms as you wrap the dress around and secure in the back. This design allows easy access to care for all their needs. Our dresses are used by:

  • Nursing home patients
  • Alzheimer’s sufferers
  • Stroke victims
  • Arthritis patients
  • Incontinence sufferers
  • Those with other disabilities

Additionally, our garments are attractive and made of easy-care fabrics. We hope our garments will restore self-esteem and dignity to a population that so rightly deserves it.