Garments for Ease & Dignity

We are a new business that saw a need and filled it. We carry a back closure dress and a gown designed for nursing home and home health care residents.

Our garments are designed with back closures to help take the pain and struggle out of dressing for those in wheelchairs, the elderly and those suffering from disabilities such as strokes, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, arthritis and especially incontinence.

They also lessen stress in the roll of the caregiver. We hope our garments will restore self-esteem and dignity to a population that so rightly deserves it.

Our Pledge
We provide attractive, adaptive, affordable, quality clothing for physically challenged women in easy-care fabrics. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your merchandise, we will gladly exchange your selection or refund the purchase price (less shipping charges), provided the clothing is returned within 30 days or purchase date and has not been worn or laundered. Sorry, but no refunds on specially ordered or altered garments.


I can truly relate to the phrase, “Necessity is the mother of Invention.”
Ruth Ann CarathersIn 1998, my mother was diagnosed with a progressive muscular disease in her legs and had problems walking. She refused to stay in bed and each morning, her caregiver would use a lift to move her from her bed to a chair in her living room. As the disease worsened it became hard for her caregiver to dress and undress her, not to mention the physical strain it put on my mother. Being from the “make do” generation, my mother and her caregivers resorted to using a hospital gown covered by a front-closure housecoat (worn backwards) to make it easier on them for dressing and meeting her personal hygiene needs. The concept of a back closure hospital gown is great, but it offers little in good back coverage and seems to rob the self-esteem of people who are forced to ‘almost’ wear them. Of course, her housecoat pockets were inaccessible and the neck was high. She felt like we would if we had to wear our clothing backwards to greet our visitors. Not only had my mother lost her independence, but she was also forced to sacrifice comfort, modesty and pride in her personal appearance.

After futile attempts to purchase appropriate clothing for my bedridden mother, I decided to make a line of quality garments that were not only comfortable and functional for her condition, but also attractive and would make her feel pretty.

When I was eight years old, my mother started teaching me to sew. If it was not sewn correctly, I had to rip it out and sew it again. Thank goodness my mother taught me the seamstress skills required to develop these back-closure gowns and dresses which have enabled me to help restore her dignity. When she put the first dress on, she held her head higher with a big smile on her face. She looked good and she knew it. I did not realize at the time how much more I had given her than just a pretty new dress. My mother’s delight and satisfaction with these creations have fueled my desire to help others through such a difficult struggle. I hope my Abracadabra garments allow you to experience the same sense of gratification knowing you have given the priceless gift of redeemed self-esteem to someone you cherish.

From My Heart,
Ruth Ann Carathers