Things that happen during breastfeeding

We all know a baby is a bundle of joy for every family. But not all mothers enjoy the time after birth. Some feel like breastfeeding is a scare. But do you think breastfeeding is a scare? What are some of the things that scare you? In our article today, we are going to highlight some of the things that scare many moms when breastfeeding and how to deal with them. Check them below.

Leaking milk

Leaking milk is not a new thing to breastfeeding moms. Sometimes it could be you left home when your baby was sleep, or he slept for long, and you feel puffed up while queuing to deposit your other child’s school fees at the bank. Undoubtedly, the milk has no place except to leak. If this has been scaring you, you don’t need to be scared again.

You need to find disposable or washable nursing pads and put them on below your bra. It will help to prevent your milk from leaking onto your beautiful dress.

Breastfeeding pain

If you are scared of breastfeeding pain, you are not alone. Many moms are experiencing the same. If you are a first-time mother, breasting feeding can hurt and get uncomfortable and painful the initial stages. You will have blisters, cracked nipples and at times bleeding during the initial stages of breastfeeding. Like any other pain you experience, you don’t have to feel scared. You can handle this and make breastfeeding painless. Keep in mind your body will slowly adjust to your new environment. Within a few weeks, your breasts will get used to the sucking from your infant during every nursing session.

You can avoid the pain by applying the cream (lanolin). You also learn how to latch the baby.  However, women are not the same and not all experience the pain.

No one has the baby’s food

This may seem strange and funny. But it is the reality. If you are not around your baby will be angry especially if she is six months and you have not introduced her to any foods. This can inconvenience you. You can’t go out without the baby. Sometimes you are left all alone breastfeeding the baby. When he cries, everyone gives him back to you.

You can eliminate this idea or feel from your head by accepting the new changes in your life. Appreciate the fact that people will also serve you food even when you are breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding anywhere

Babies are not aware of the surrounding; they want to be fed even in church or any public place. You will have to deal with this feeding anywhere, but there are ways you can do it without exposing yourself. If you are in a hospital or school, ask to be taken to a private room. Remember always to have a baby shawl to cover your baby when breastfeeding.

Bottom line

Breastfeeding your newborn doesn’t have to be a scare. Having a positive attitude and knowing people around us care, helps to make breastfeeding a comfortable period.